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The missing cable connection on the Jetson Nano Case (C)

I finally managed to fully assemble Waveshare’s Jetson Nana Case (C), the accompanying IMX219-83 Stereo Camera, and, of course, the NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Kit. This should add some stereo imaging capability to my robot setup, which I will expand on soon.

A few things I noted:-

  • I had to try combinations of wiring up the power button to the J50 button header pins 1/2 and 11/12. The orientation of the button and the resulting blue/black wire combinations was not obvious
  • Initially powering it using a spare apple USB power supply resulted in am overcurrent warning, maybe that power supply produces more than 5V
  • It now works using a Meanwell GST25E05-P1J power supply, after connecting pins 5 and 6 of the J50 header with the yellow jumper, and selecting the barrel power connector by moving the J48 jumper to close both pins

One thing I did not notice from the images was the I2C connector that needs to be connected on top of the two video cables. The camera wiki states to “[…] connect the I2C interface (only the SDA and SCL pins are required) of the Camera to I2C interface of the Jetson Nano Developer Kit (the Pin3, and Pin5)”.

The I2C cable does need to be clipped better to the case, but this is how the finished case will look like.
The yellow cable goes onto pin 3 (the second pin bottom row from the left), the blue one onto pin 5. The connector on the camera has a baulking feature which will only allow one orientation.